“Defeat and Memory” Madrid/Thessaloniki 2010

by Polyxeni C. Stavrou
performed in May 2010 at the LadyFest Festival in CasaBlanca Madrid and in November 2010 at Block33 Thessaloniki

performing with Polyxeni C. Stavrou : Franky Frangi, Vicky Gioti

text from “Defeat” and “Memory” from the book “Oblivion and other monologues” by Dimitris Dimitriadis
translated by Polyxeni Canditi Dalloway Stavrou with the valuable help of :

Madrid: Dita, Eleni Vosniadou, Franky Frangi, Rebeca / Thessaloniki:Aimilia Vakoufari

voice coaching: Takis Gr , Teo Dimitriadis

technical manager, scenography and lighting : Franky Frangi
assistance with scenography and lighting:

-Madrid: Dimitris Donias, Julie McCabe  / Thessaloniki: Block33

collaborating doctors: Lucia Cachafeiro, Ana-Cristina Hernandez Martinez

special collaborator: Mistress Johanna




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