66% DISCOUNT for THREE one-to-one healing growth sessions

This means that instead of 180euros for THREE sessions

you will be paying 60 euros (the price of ONE Session)!


I am conducting a research, which might turn into an essay or a book eventually, on the effects of TFR Healing ( Thought Form Release Healing) as part of a Healing Growth session. I am offering this discount in exchange for your permission to use my notes on your healing sessions for the purposes of this research ( anonymously of course).

The benefits for you:

1) After the 3 sessions you will improve your health and your quality of life significantly! TFR Healing can help you with up to 100% relief from pain, symptoms or illnesses, sometimes even in three sessions!

2) You will help expand the research on energy & spiritual healing, raise awareness on alternative ways of dealing with physical pain and illness. Eventually it would be amazing if we can get these kind of healing treatments to be acknowledged and payed by the health insurance companies, so that they can be accessible to everybody!

*for more information please check out the link on TFR Healing*

*This offer is only for people suffering from  physical symptoms/pain/illnesses.
*This offer will be available for the first 25 people who will contact me.
* You would have to commit to attend for three sessions.
* Please note that TFR Healing is suitable also for dealing with emotional pain or any other type of life discomfort. It is just that for the sake of this particular essay I will be focusing on physical symptoms.


To book your three sessions with 66% discount:

email: myuniquetrueself@gmail.com

mobile: +31 (0) 61955 9018

sessions last 60-90 min

price 60 euros (for the total of the three sessions!)

sessions can be given via skype

or at my work space in Amsterdam at TACA / home visits are also possible