Polyxeni C. Stavrou

I am a Spiritual and Healing Growth Practitioner (Healer, Teacher, Artist & Writer).
I am a visionary tenacious dreamer craving for connection, creativity, divinity and peace.

Here is a bit of background on how I got some of my skills (Because most of them I got them from my childhood traumas and experiences, my losses, my teachers, my students, my friends, my clients, my favourite inspiring artists, my books…in other words, outside of the official trainings and the academies). I finished my studies in Psychology at the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki ( Greece) in 2000. By 2002 I received more than 600hours of training in Dramatherapy in an attempt  to combine my two passions: emotional healing &growth and drama & creativity . I then developed my practice as a  drama worker and personal growth facilitator using art and drama as a medium for healing and personal growth for several years. In the meantime I traveled a lot, living in different cities in Europe in my quest for home.  In 2007 I finished my MA in performance making at Goldsmiths University College in London and for 5 years I made performance work, a series of pain rituals based on the reciting of text , developing a technique which I call “the channeling of the text”. These performances were attempts to open ways of getting in touch with my own process of growth, of becoming, of bereavement and acceptance, of being with.  In 2010 I started training in different spiritual healing systems and practices (Reiki, Chakra Healing, Metamorphic Technique, Healing Meditations, Healing Visualisations). My training and dedication in spiritual practices is ongoing. I am also currently deepening my practice in prayer, mantras and chanting as empowering tools for healing, growth, art and spiritual knowledge and experience.  As my practice deepens and expands I have started to write, as a form of meditation, creative expression and a teaching method. How does one collect all this wisdom of the soul, all those words of healing and expansion I have been sharing with my students & clients and put them down to paper. I am at this process right now. I am now growing some roots in Amsterdam where I am currently based. I dedicate my time to healing, chanting, reading, writing and walking. I am working hard to create awareness about spirituality and the power of spiritual healing and help people go through their suffering whether physical or emotional and come out at the other end at the land of spiritual bliss, joy and good health. This is by no means a place where there are no obstacles. But it is a place where one can have a clear view of themselves, their lives and their own purpose. It is amazing how much healing (physical, emotional and spiritual) we can create just by combining the Three Divine Ingredients: Awareness, Intention and Commitment. It is my conviction that with these ingredients we can create the new earth, raise the vibration of the human race, one person at a time, a new earth where peace can replace suffering.

Butterflies In Motion is my “potential space”. Visualized and created by me, years ago, when I first realised I needed to make a commitment to change the world (my personal/private world first..and then of course the bigger picture!). Even before I knew the things I know now, even before remembering my own spiritual skills, even before fully experiencing the power of energy healing work and spiritual connection.

My work , my reason for waking up in the morning, is to re-meet with this potential space, where I every day rediscover the raw and poetic essence of being, of source, of communicating , of remembering, of being terribly utterly afraid, of hoping, of believing, of trusting, of the feeling of the emptiness, of the empty space inside us and between us, of the desperation and the desire for change, the loneliness , the divinity, the spirituality, of asking the questions, of looking constantly for something, of the power of intimacy, to visualize that this “me” , “us”, it is something, of defining, of the empowering effect of a sound, a word, an image, what makes us feel this is definitely something, the existence, that it is something to be “me”, and then it is something to be “me with you”,  this in-between space,  this is the something, this is the existence, this is the love, this is the light, this is the Art and the Healing.

Every time I wake up in the morning I go running to find this space. The in-between. Where the Butterflies are constantly In Motion.

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