Utopian Encounters

Being with others has benefits on a multidimensional scale. By being with others:

As emotional beings, we nurture our need to feel love, acceptance, appreciation. As intellectual beings we are mentally stimulated when we exchange information, ideas, opinions. As physical beings, we experience satisfaction by our physical contact with others (it ranges from the handshake to the most intimate touching). As spiritual beings we get energised by other people´s auras, we co-generate collective energy shifts that are necessary in order for any growth and transformation to take place in each one of us and in the world and the universe.

What do we do when we get together with others? What are the activities that we get involved with them in order to fulfill all these needs?

Every era and culture offers different rituals and norms in order to develop and establish formulas for encounters between people.

In Utopian Encounters we pose expansive questions, we are looking to explore alternative frameworks for encounter, to attempt new possibilities & potentials on enhancing this rewarding experience. Because of the multiple levels of its influence, it shows up as an issue of vital, or better said of “life-and-death-importance” to our well being in the most holistic way.

In Utopian Encounters we are not looking to render the conventional contemporary norms useless or indifferent, although one might argue – and with good reason -their inability to lead to satisfactory encounters between human beings. Nevertheless with Utopian Encounters, we are not rebelling against them by trying to impose substitutions.

We are merely offering new suggestions intending to stretch imagination, weirdness, honesty, divinity, creativity, exposure & fun. This way we hope to open up our hearts, our minds, our souls so that we can be present and real.

We will be constantly reaching for the furthest boundaries of joyous and honest encounter through creative events, group meditations of all sorts and weird gatherings.

Kindness, Respect and Non-violence are the three unbreakable rules of every Utopian Encounter.

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