There different approaches as to how exactly is energy involved with our human existence, how can we understand it and how we can work with it for the sake of improving our lives and the world.

In the spiritual community chakras are a way to do that. It is a way to understand how energy flows in the body, how it connects with our vital organs, emotions, life stages and our belief system.

In Sanskrit the term chakra means wheel or disc and describes the spinning movement performed by the chakras to store, regulate and distribute the Ki (vital energy) through the physical body, the emotional body, the energy body etc. In an oversimplified explanation, in a healthy body, the chakras are open, that is, the energy is freely flowing through them. But if the flow of energy through a chakra is restricted, a blockage is created in that chakra and then we get what we call a closed chakra. This blockage of energy creates shortages or excess of energy in different parts of the body, resulting in ailment, illness, pain, accidents etc.

There are different healing systems and healing tools that can help you restore the flow of energy in your chakras.

I work with visualizations and reiki as well as TFR Healing and I apply all three when focusing specifically on the chakras. I might also use or propose personal growth exercises related to the emotional and mental issues of a particular chakra.

During chakra healing work, focus on a particular chakra releases discomfort related with the particular emotional, mental or physical issues of that chakra. Working on the emotional, mental or physical issues can also enable the unrestricted flow of energy in the chakras. Of course our thoughts and beliefs are at the very core of it all.

In the image above you can get a rough idea of how the 7 basic chakras connect with the main mental, emotional and physical issues of your life.

During the Healing Growth sessions I more often than not focus on work with the chakras. Working with the chakras stimulates a deep healing process and results in profound changes which then manifest in the improvement of your health as well as the quality of your life in general.

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price 60 euros

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