Creative Recovery Group

Do you want to enjoy a more creative life?

Did you always want to write, paint, draw, sculpt, take photographs but you never even dared to try

Are you an artist but you feel blocked and you find it difficult at the moment to make work?


Testimonials from participants of the

Creative Recovery Group:

“It is a multi-layered, healing and expansive process which reaches you deep inside with the same respect and nutrient that it teaches you to treat your own self and work with. If you consider taking this journey i promise you it will be exciting and playful and at the same time fuel your creativity and productivity in ways which i can only call magical.”

“…I experienced each session as a profound break from my every-day worries and each session eventually lead me to transform, in my own pace, living and working patterns embedded in my relationship with myself. The result is a confidence sharper than i could ever imagine and a synchronization with the universe, in which my creativity finds its way fearlessly into the world.”

What is a Creative Recovery Group?

Two years ago I came across Julia Cameron´s book “The Artist´s Way”. As a spiritual artist and healer I always read -almost compulsively -any material that can help me go deeper in my personal and spiritual growth and will enable me to help others do the same!

The book (which I read in one go stopping only to eat and sleep and then started doing the course immediately the next day and when I finished I did it again!) was one of these life changing experiences. It made me reconnect with my long forgotten childhood passion for writing! It was a marvelous revelation and it was scary and it led to the addition of a great joy in my life: I am writing! I am still using some of the tools from the book that help me built my confidence more and more every day, take more and more creative risks and go deeper in my work practice, life and relationships.

I could go on and on about this transformation in me and in my life but the bottom line is that this course offers some really powerful tools for personal, spiritual and creative growth and I felt I had to help share this process with my clients and friends. And the Creative Recovery Groups were born, so other people can be encouraged and supported to transform their lives and reconnect with their creativity, authenticity and passions.

I keep the groups small so everybody has enough time and space to work on their process, and I have added a few more sessions to it (experience says people might need sometimes more than a week for some of the steps) and made it a 16 session support group for blocked artists and recovering creatives.

The structure and activities of the group aim to nourish and enable you to unblock your creativity in both your art work and personal life.

To achieve this we will use Julia Cameron´s “The artist´s way”, this fascinating, challenging and effective opportunity to unblock and expand as an artist, to go deeper and wider in your personal growth, to enrich your life and make it more fulfilling and meaningful.

Only reading the book and doing the course alone at home is enough to change your life, as it has changed mine and the lives of so many other people. I would recommend this book to anybody who wants to reach the maximum of their potential as an artist or/and as a person.

To go through the course in the book in the context of the Creative Recovery Group offers some extra power to the process of the creative transformation.

During the group sessions you will get

– guidance about how to best use the book and go through the course

– support for the issues that arise during the process of Julia Cameron´s course and the difficulties and challenges of the process of recovering your creativity.

-opportunity to share your experience with other people (this I find is the best part for everybody!!)

-spiritual and emotional support through group exercises that will deepen your awareness and expand your personal growth

-information on more books and resources relevant to your creative process and growth

-access to free events and a supportive network of people who have already completed the group process in the past

Who can join in?

Why join a group, if you can do the course of Julia Cameron or of any other self help book alone at home? Here are a few reasons people join my Unblocking Creativity Group:

1) You prefer groups rather than working alone AND

2) You really need the support otherwise you will not do it

plus at least one of the following:

-you feel blocked in your art work

-you feel stuck, unhappy, unsuccessful in one or more areas of your life

-your projects are not going anywhere

-you want to be more creative or you feel there is something missing from your life

– you want to deepen your awareness, connect and expand your spiritual and creative expression




How to join in?

First step is to make an appointment to discuss your interest during an interview:


mobile: +31 (0) 61955 9018

If at the end of the interview we both think this is the right step for you then your name will get on the waiting list for the next creative recovery group. There is a maximum of 5 participants in a creative recovery group.

What happens during the sessions?

The group meets for 2 hours every week. Participants commit to attending the group every week to the maximum of their ability, which creates a framework of safety and support for everybody.

Most of the work and exercises on the book will be done alone at home . During the two hours of the group session we share experiences of our recovery week and do some group exercises to support and enhance the creative and spiritual process as well as deepen our self awareness.


New groups begin as soon as we get 5 people on the waiting list.

The first session is always an introduction meeting (it is to get to know the rest of the people and get organised!) and it is free of charge. During this meeting we decide all together the day and time of the sessions.

What is the participation fee ?

Participation fee is 30 euros per session.

*sessions can be paid either weekly or monthly*

*for commitment purposes sessions are paid even in the case of absence*

IMPORTANT: After the third session if a participant wishes to leave the group before the termination of their course  50% of the fee for the remaining sessions will be applied. (No fee is applied if termination occurs during the first three sessions)

Is there anything else I need to know?

This is a challenging course. It will require a thorough examination of your life as it is, it will ask you to change habits and dysfunctional behaviours, it will open up fields to face your demons and fears and it will give you the tools to move through the obstacles. At the end of the course you will be someone with a more vibrant creative everyday life and someone who is actually making art work!

The book itself provides a lot of support to go through these challenges and you should not be discouraged to do the course alone at home if this is what you want. IT WORKS either way.

Being part of the group will offer you additional support and guidance when you need it, as well as feedback and additional insight. As you go through the different stages of your recovery, you can share your difficulties and feel comforted knowing that other people are facing the same difficulties as you are, and – as I said, this is one of the most exciting parts for me- you can also share and celebrate victories and achievements of your new recovered creative self!


Some people prefer to go through this process on their own. At the same time they still feel they need support to go through the book and do the course!

One-to-one coaching sessions are also possible.


The advantages of one-to-one sessions are that:

a) you can make your own time commitment and do the course at your own pace (it does not have to be 16 weeks)

b) the sessions last one hour (they are also done weekly)


The disadvantages of one-to-one sessions are that:

a) they are more expensive ( 50 euros per session)

b) you miss the opportunity to experience the support, inspiration, connection and joy that comes from being part of a group.


In every other way the process is similar, and so is the material that are used (we work with the book and supporting exercises during the sessions). Also the benefits you will experience are the same: not only you will master the art of unblocking your creativity but you life in general will transform towards unimaginable directions and creative paths!

*the cancellation fees do not apply for one-to-one sessions*




mobile: +31 (0) 61955 9018


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I consider creativity the highest form of spirituality!

For this reason from time to time I like to give out tips useful for creative recovery!