Creative Recovery Workshops

During these 4hour experiential workshops we will focus our attention every time at one of the issues that can inhibit creative recovery. Sometimes all we need is to take one small step, to get one little insight into whatever blocks our creativity and makes us miserable!

All types of journeys, whether small or big, begin with one step!


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mobile: +31 (0) 61955 9018

Maximum 6 participants / Price 50euros

(usually on a Saturday between 14:00 and 18:00)

participation is only possible with prior reservation / payment upon reservation / 50% cancellation fee for cancellations until 48 hours before the workshop / payment is not refundable for cancellations in less than 48 hours before the workshop

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Past Workshops


“Unblocking Relationship Maps”

Saturday 11/02/17

It is vital to the creative life to be able to see the bigger picture when it comes to relationship dynamics and to fully understand how our roles, our beliefs and our attitudes affect our relationships. Our family, our love partners, our friends and our community are what gives meaning and joy to our lives. They are our support network! How do we relate to our relationships network? To answer this question is to bring a deeper self-awareness that will lead you closer to the heart of your creative potential.

During this workshop through creative and spiritual personal growth tools, we will identify the dynamics that dominate our relationship networks, we will gain awareness regarding our attitudes, beliefs, feelings and roles within our relationships, and -most importantly- we will  experience new relationship possibilities. This process will free a lot of time-consuming energy that we are investing in blocked relationship patterns. This energy is part of our creative fuel and it will be redirected in our art, our creativity and our life!


“Unblocking Desires and Boundaries”

Saturday 07/01/17

How do we manage the difficult balance between fulfilling our desires and honoring our commitments to our loved ones who need our time and attention? How difficult is it to say “No” and how can we manage to do it without being or feeling selfish and unkind?

During this workshop through creative and spiritual personal growth tools, we will learn how to specify our desires , how to identify our limits and how to make our boundaries known to ourselves and others. We will explore ways through which we can safeguard our vital creative space while at the same time being able to give gentle consideration to others. We will learn how saying “No” is an act of authenticity which can lead to kind coexistence with our loved ones and can skyrocket our creative life!


“Self-care and the joy of the Creative Life”

Saturday 8/10/16

How do we practice self care? Are we always too busy to treat ourselves to little pleasures in life? What are the type of things that we allow ourselves to do and which are the things that we deprive ourselves of, out of fear of looking silly, irresponsible, childish or even selfish?  What kind of barriers have we put up that have blocked our path to joy and creativity. One of the main blockages of creativity is the lack of self care, pleasure and joy.

During this workshop through creative and spiritual personal growth tools, we will identify those barriers and we will explore ways of overcoming them. We will explore our needs and we will discover ways to practice self care, joy and pleasure, building the foundations for our creative life.