Healing Meditations Archive

Monday 24/10

Lung Protection: a guided visualization and healing affirmations to help you heal your lungs and keep them strong and healthy! Learn how to meditate on opening up and strengthening your vital space! I find that any healing that protects the lungs helps improve also our relationships and enable our sense of inner peace.

Monday 10/10

Conceptual Pattern. Touch softly specific pressing points on your hands and release any non-correct and negative energy from any situation. With this simple healing technique we can open up all the potential and possibilities for positive outcomes in any difficult situation or problem: from finding a parking spot to solving a relationship problem to healing a physical discomfort.

Saturday 01/10

Monday 03/10 will be transfered to Saturday the 1st of October as part of activities of the Festival To Healing 2016

Reiki Group Session SPECIAL! All participants receive simultaneously a reiki session. Vibrations rise really high as we will cleanse ourselves from all those non-correct energies that stop us from reaching our full potential.

For the educational first part of this session I will explain how reiki healing works and how the reiki healing system explains that we come to experience illness and discomfort.

Monday 26/09

White Light Meditation: a guided meditation used to balance the chakras and remove low vibration thought forms which cause emotional, mental or physical discomfort. A very relaxing and empowering meditation.

Monday 19/09

Golden Angel Cream: a guided visualization, a fascinating healing tool for pains and physical discomfort that you will be able to use on your own when needed. It provides clarity and relief from pain.