(*please note that the name of the project Alternative Encounters has now changed to : Utopian Encounters)

Utopian Encounters: Worship Strolls

Worship Strolls are spiritual group walks,  performance rituals designed each time by following the intention of one or more people to be accompanied on a soft casual walk, a pilgrimage to a personal sacred place.

This is the first worship stroll a “Pilgrimage to a Guardian Tree”

on Sunday the  13th of September 2015 Assembly at 9am at Donker Curtiousstraat 7, unit 139ToHealing. Departure at 10am.

Estimated arrival time at my guardian tree near Bussum Zuid 7pm (including resting stops). Return by public transport.

Worship Strolls- Pilgrimage to a Guardian Tree

Alternative Encounters: Embroidering Meditation

“sleeping on the golden stream of wealth”

on Wednesday 1st of April 2015, 5pm-8pm
at Donker Curtiousstraat 7, unit 139ToHealing

embroidery meditations