One-to-one Healing Growth Sessions For Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Crisis

Life challenges us all the time and we have to go through different passages of growth and experience loss again and again. These challenges and changes affect us every day and the way we deal with them can cause us dissatisfaction, suffering or even physical pain and illness. A Healing Growth session offers you the support you need so that you can walk through those challenges and changes, to learn from pain and difficult emotions, to overcome the feeling of being stuck or unhappy and to create the circumstances that favor good health and joy!

To book a session:


mobile: +31 (0) 61955 9018

sessions last 60-90 min

price 60 euros

sessions can be given via skype

or at my work space in Amsterdam / home visits are also possible

Each session will be designed to help you:

gain awareness about your body and your life up to now. This awareness will then help you make clearer choices and will enable you to have a healthier more satisfactory life and more fulfilling relationships

experience relief from physical symptoms

improve your emotional and mental health

Every Healing Growth session is  a combination of coaching for personal growth, emotional awareness & spiritual  expansion with energy body work (Reiki, Chakra Healing, Visualizations & TFR Healing).

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