Polyxeni C. Stavrou /Brief CV

Polyxeni C. Stavrou is a Spiritual Artist (Teacher, Healer, Personal Growth Guide, Writer, Reader, Performer, Researcher ). She finished her studies in Psychology at the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki ( Greece) in 2000. By 2002 she received more than 600hours of training in Dramatherapy. She then developed her practice as a  drama worker and personal growth facilitator using art and drama as a medium for healing and personal growth for several years. In the meantime in 2007 she finished her MA in performance making at Goldsmiths University College in London and for 5 years she made performance, a series of pain rituals based on the reciting of text , developing a technique which she calls “the channeling of the text”. These performances were attempts to open ways of getting in touch with her own process of growth, of becoming, of bereavement and acceptance, of being with.  In 2010 she started training in different spiritual healing systems and practices (reiki, chakra healing, metamorphic technique, shamanic drumming). Her training and dedication in spiritual practices is ongoing. She started working with personal healing and growth and developing more workshops and group work as an artist, a coach, a guide, a healer, a spiritual teacher. Her performance research is now going deeper into exploring ways of understanding transcendental experience in performance  art and in everyday life, especially in relation to the use of words and texts and their potential to create transcendental experience, which she understands as transformational healing experience both in  a personal and communal level. She is currently deepening her practice in prayer, mantras and chanting as empowering tools for healing, growth, art and spiritual knowledge and experience.  Polyxeni C. Stavrou is a utopian visionary craving for connection, creativity, divinity and peace.