Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing system . Reiki healer use their hands to channel the universal ( REI) energy (KI) into the body of the recipient. This energy is  pure light , pure love, and our body uses it to promote harmony and balance in a physical, mental and emotional level.

We are energy.

And we are connected with the energy of the universe.

Good health is achieved when this energy flows inside us and between us and the universe. Sometimes this energy gets blocked. As a result we can feel sad or angry or depressed, have insomnia or anxiety or feel unhappy. Our body might start producing symptoms of this discomfort or we might develop an illness.

A Reiki session works towards restoring the flow of the energy in our body. As a result it raises our vibrational levels promoting relaxation, release, pain relief, body awareness , self awareness and good mental and physical health. As a result it improves our health, our quality of daily life and affects positively the dynamics of our relationships.

This rise in our vibration does not only have positive effects on our body and lives but contributes significantly to raising the collective vibration with positive effects universally!

Reiki sessions are most effective when received over a period of time on a regular basis (ie once a week or twice a month). The amount of sessions that a person would need  is particular to each person and moment in their lives.

Reiki healings are an essential part of the Healing Growth sessions. Reiki raises our vibration profoundly empowers the open flow of energy in our bodies, working always from the place of unconditional love and respect towards the person´s life path and divine plan. The physical and emotional sensations during the session provide us with a very insightful tool for awareness.

To book a session:


mobile: +31 (0) 61955 9018

sessions last 60-90 min

price 60 euros

sessions can be given via skype

or at my work space in Amsterdam / home visits are also possible

The most amazing part of this healing system is that you can learn it easily with a two day course and it is so easy to use in your daily life!  It does not require any special skills or pre-aquired  knowledge! Anybody can be learn how to give Reiki!!

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