School of Reiki


*Cursos de Reiki de todos los niveles tambien en Epsañol*

*Σεμινάρια Ρέικι, όλων των επιπέδων, και στα Ελληνικά*

REIKI I (two days/ 180euros/incl btw)

REIKI II (one day/ 300euros/incl. btw)

REIKI III (two days/ 400euros/incl. btw)

REIKI MASTER (two to three days/ 900euros/incl. btw)


As with all my courses I  give the reiki courses within a heart-to-heart philosophy. This means courses take place in small groups (4 people maximum). At times I might initiate just one person at a time.

Contact me for the level of Reiki you want to get initiated in and we talk about it and we schedule it at the best possible date. For Reiki Level I there is at least one course scheduled every month.

Next REIKI LEVEL I courses (in English):

21st-22nd October 2017

11th-12th November 2017

16th-17th December 2017




mobile: +31 (0) 61955 9018

sun in hands

Reiki is a Japanese healing method of transferring energy through the hands. Rei represents the universal energy, unlimited and inexhaustible, and Ki is the part of this energy which represents our personal life force. So Reiki means the confluence of universal energy together with our personal life force.

Reiki  can be understood as “energy vibrating to its highest level”. It is the healing energy of Unconditional Love, which is the highest healing energy in this universe.

One of the ways to benefit from Reiki is to receive a healing session from a Reiki practitioner.

The other way which is even more powerful and can change your life is by being initiated into becoming a channel for Reiki yourself, being able to give Reiki and heal yourself and others.

There are more than 30 different types of Reiki. I teach the traditional USUI SHIKI RYOHO REIKI.

There is a growth process with Reiki that progresses in stages (levels). With every level you gain access to more awareness, inner wisdom, connection, energy flow and healing potential.  These are the different levels /courses of Reiki:

REIKI LEVEL I (PHYSICAL): With this level you will be able to give Reiki, both to yourself and others.

REIKI LEVEL II (MENTAL/EMOTIONAL): Reiki II can be used to send Reiki long distance or to the past and to the future and to protect people, situations, places and objects.

REIKI LEVEL III (SPIRITUAL): This is where you really come into closer contact with your higher self and you deepen your spiritual healing practice.

REIKI MASTER LEVEL: This level enables the Reiki student to transmit the teachings and initiation of others in the Usui method.