Text Capsules

 are audiovisual installations.

Sometimes I call them audiovisual, in the broader sense of the word “visual” , which in the context of a Text Capsule means that the visual environment is a visual framework for each recording and it is therefore specific to the recording of each Text Capsule as well as to the timing related to the artist´s own personal growth.

Sometimes they are literally audiovisual installations as each Text Capsule can have two elements: the sound of a recorded text and the image of a written text. There can be no juxtapositions inside a Text Capsule. The two texts would be identical.

Text Capsules are messages coming from far and beyond. Text Capsules are spiritual awakenings. Text Capsules are compassionate gestures. Text Capsules are talking rooms.

Text Capsule I , was a pilot Text Capsule, and it took place on the 14th of March 2015 at my healing studio in Amsterdam.

(all texts inside the Text Capsules are written by & recorded with the voice of Polyxeni C. Stavrou)

To listen to the recordings and see photos of Text Capsule I click here