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TFR stands for Thought Form Release. I always find that the best way to introduce the term Thought Form is to quote Martin Brofman´s book “Anything Can Be Healed” (p. 43), which is where I first read about it myself:

” When people are not experiencing their wellness, when they are experiencing a symptom, sometimes they describe the symptom as if it is a thing. They may say that it feels like a heavy weight sitting on their head , or like a sharp knife in their side. In terms of what they are experiencing, there is a thing there, and it feels real to them, as if it existed in the physical universe.

We are working with the idea that these thoughts are things, and that they are, in fact, real. They exist as thought forms at the level we know as the ether, the crossover between the physical and the spiritual universes. The ether, from the esoteric point of view, from the spiritual universe is the matrix on which the physical universe is projected. Our thoughts, our goals, the pictures we create with our consciousness and put into our consciousness are said to go into the ether, as holographic images, waiting to manifest in the physical world when conditions are appropriate.

During a healing, the healer enters the subject´s universe, or bubble, with the permission of the subject, to help the subject return to the experience of wellness. Any thought form the subject experiences as real can also be experienced as real by the healer. If the subject experiences something as if there is a heavy weight on the head, the healer can see the heavy weight as a real thing.

The thought form, at the etheric level, can be said to be made of energy. The healer is able to see the energy and feel it. The more senses that healers can focus on the thought form that is there, the more real they are able to make it to themselves. When the thought form is as real to the healer as it is to the subject who is experiencing the symptom, the healer can then remove the thought for from the experience of the subject. As the subject feels the thought form leave, they are again able to return to the experience of wholeness. If there was a biological basis for the symptom and the experience of the thought form, and the symptom and thought form have been released and are no longer being experienced, the biological basis must also have been released. “

Working with Thought Forms is essentially working with visualizations  (to learn more on visualizations please check out the link visualizations on  this site), using a very specific focus and healing process.

Over the years I have used my training in Brofman´s healing system and my training and experience in working with visualizations to develop a powerful technique on how to work most effectively with Thought Forms.  When I work with people experiencing discomfort I will always apply TFR Healing at some stage of the healing process. 

TFR Healing is most effective for acute physical symptoms  and illnesses. Nevertheless I often encounter the following obstacle with some of my clients: We apply the healing, the symptom or illness goes away – sometimes instantly- and then ten days later I get a phone call that the symptom has returned!  This is due to the fact that whatever life circumstances or beliefs that have created the symptom are still present in the person´s life. We can only overcome this obstacle by doing personal growth work at the same time and repeating the healing process at least 3 times. This way the changes that take place ever the three week period inform our awareness and our expansion in awareness enhances the process of change. This way we create the most ideal circumstances for best results.

Please note that chronic illnesses might be deeply rooted and they might need more than 3 sessions. Although even in the case of chronic illnesses I have seen clients improve even after 2 sessions! This is how powerful this healing is!

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