Visulalizations are an extremely powerful healing tool.  It is my opinion that they are at the base of every energy healing technique. The power of visualization lies in the power of thought! Thoughts are a strong creative force in our lives (and in the universe in general). The energy the carry manifests in the creation of life. This is both ancient knowledge that we are only beginning to rediscover and to learn how to use it for the porpuse of both understanding and improving the world. On an individual level this energy can be used towards healing. I will attempt to simplify it like this: visualization diagram Visualizations are  very effective and they are an easy-to-learn tool. During the healing growth sessions I encourage the use of visulizations and I will guide you through on how to understand their use and how to use them on your own at home. Quite often I give experiential lectures and workshops on this subject. If you want to know when the next lecture or workshop is coming up please subscribe in the newsletter feed mailing list or follow my page on facebook to always get the latest updates.

“Imaging – doing imagery- is a simple process. It means finding, discovering, or creating a mental picture, a mental form. This imagined – but still real – form has all the characteristics of any event, thing, or situation that we might see in everyday walking reality. The difference is that , unlike objects perceived when awake, they have no volume or mass. In sort the y have no substance. Yet, they do have energy. We might think of these images as our mental children. We give birth to them to act on our behalf as agents of healing; then, with the energy they possess, they continue to stimulate the healing process on their own.”

(From the book “Healing Visualizations: creating health through imagery” by Gerald Epstein, p.13)

“The idea is like a blueprint; it creates an image of the form, which then magnetizes and guides the physical energy to flow into that form, and eventually manifests it on the physical plane.”

(From the book “Creative Visualization: Use the power of your imagination to create what you want in life”, by Shakti Gawain, p10)

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